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InounLife - deals in Life and Health Insurance from LIC & Apollo Munich, could help secure your family's financial future if you aren't there.
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Life coverage is usually thought of as something for the partner who is the breadwinner. If that person passes away, then the life insurance benefit would help provide for the entire family. The mortgage may still get compensated; the children’s may still go to school & colleges.
Life coverage is no less important for the partner who stays at home, works part time, or is a secondary breadwinner. The death benefit, payable if the insured stay at home partner dies, could help pay for childcare, housework, teatimes, and other services your family can't do without.
Life insurance coverage is also important for the children’s. On getting them covered at an early age may help safeguard they have the insurance coverage in the future. They could convert the insurance coverage as adults, even if they later develop health problems that would otherwise make them uninsurable.
With life insurance whatever the future brings, your loved ones' financial security may be protected. Contact us to see which policy makes sense for you.


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The quotes generated from this gateway are not a contract, binder, or agreement to extend life insurance coverage and are based on the listed factors and the applicable underwriting criteria for the rate shown. The exact premium can only be determined after an underwriting review and may be different or the policy may not be available. Please contact a us for further details.

Life insurance policies can help your family:
Keep paying the home mortgage.
Maintain your current standard of living.
Pay off debts and unexpected financial expenses.
Create a fund for child’s college education.
Create a fund for a family member with special needs.
Protect their life and dreams for the future.

Know the basics & make the right choice
There's a lot to study when you are getting started with life insurance policy, and there's still a lot to study when you have had insurance for years! We want to make sure you understand the basics and feel confident that you're making informed choices.

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